Develop Top Performing Customer Service Agents Through AI Simulation Training

Agents roleplay in life-like conversation, software, and chat simulations before they engage with live customers.

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“Zenarate AI Coach immediately improved agent active listening and delivering service with empathy”

James Unger
Sr. Manager of Global Training
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“With Zenarate AI Coach our agents are hitting the floor at much higher level of performance”

Matt Wheeler
Instructional Design Manager
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“Zenarate AI Coach is helping build confidence in our agents and conversational fluency with customers”

Brooke Conklin
Business Change Director
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How Does Zenarate AI Coach Work?


Agents Experience Changing Customer Personas and Fully Branching Scenarios Throughout Their Roleplay

Each time agents roleplay with their AI Coach, they are presented with different customer personas and conversations that branch in different directions, teaching agents to think on their feet and prepare for live customer calls & chats – including alongside our software simulations.

Agents Develop Call Skill Proficiency Through Micro Learning

Agents roleplay with their AI Coach on one call skill at a time – such as Listening, Empathy, Building Rapport – to master each call skill through hyper-targeted micro learning.

Agents Develop Call Skill
Agents Auto Certify

Agents Auto-Certify to Engage with Live Customers Through Their Simulation Scorecard

Simulation Scorecard shows agents who demonstrate Call Type & Call Skill proficiency and are ready to engage with live customers.

Primary AI Coach Use Cases

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Zenarate AI Coach Inspired Customers

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