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AI for Learning

Zenarate is a cloud-based active learning platform where customer-facing team members learn and implement best practices using AI.

Zenarate accelerates the learning curve of collectors, tellers, service and sales representatives to improve speed to competency, reduce early attrition, and deliver a superior customer experience with fewer errors.

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Simple to deploy and easy to use with game changing results

  • Learn best practices using guides
  • Practice using Interactive AI
  • Share your best work for coaching and approval

New Hires

  • Weed out poor fit applicants
  • Accelerate speed to competency and reduce early attrition

Team Leaders & Coaches

  • Target group or individual needs
  • Deliver on demand & coach asynchronously

Existing Collectors & Agents

  • Move average performers to top performers
  • Quickly adapt to new techniques and requirements

Business Leaders

  • Measure coaching quality & frequency in-house and with 3rd party agencies
  • Track and report best practice approval by collector and agent

Implement best practices at scale
Provide consistent compliant customer experiences

Your Zenarate AI Journey

Identify Before the moment preparing new hires for early success
Record After the moment supporting floor coaching
Share In the moment recommending next best response

Training Time


Early Attrition


Speed to Competency



Drive better results and consistently deliver superior customer experiences at scale

Like any other profession from medicine, law, sports, and music, the key to deep learning is active learning. Use Interactive AI to simulate the real world and close the training-floor gap.



Reduce errors and mitigate risk

Create a customer facing workforce confident in compliance.



Improve hiring, training, retention

Hire for fit, train with active learning at scale, retain through confidence and early success.


Simple Pricing


Our pricing is simple. Pricing is based on the number of seats or a monthly subscription. Choose the approach that works best for you.


Cloud Based, No Pii

From 10 to 10,000+ Users

No special hardware or system purchases are necessary to run Zenarate. All you need is a computer, a headset, and an Internet connection. No Pii to pilot or implement.