Zenarate AI Coach Platform

Develop confident top-performing agents and deliver consistent superior customer and prospect experiences.

Human Centered Zenarate AI Coach Platform

Deploy AI/ML helping humans perform rather than replacing their roles. Your Zenarate AI Coach platform develops confident top performing agents delivering industry-leading KPIs through Simulation Training.

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“Zenarate AI Coach immediately improved agent active listening and delivering service with empathy”

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“With Zenarate AI Coach our agents are hitting the floor at much higher level of performance”

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“Zenarate AI Coach is helping build confidence in our agents and conversational fluency with customers”

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Give Your Agents The Power To Succeed

Comprehensive training. Intelligent coaching. Real-world situations that teach agents how to react to the unexpected. All of this comes from Zenerate’s AI coaching platform. Agents learn how to handle calls with empathy, with expertise, and with confidence. What does that add up to? 

Zenarate AI Coach Natural Language Simulation Training

Agents Master What Matters Most

Agents role-play with their personal unbiased AI Coach to master high-impact call types they will face with live customers

See how Our AI Coaching Platform Works For Your Business

See how Our AI Coaching Platform Works For Your Business

Training That Sticks: Train Agents in Their Own Natural Language

Call center training can be stressful. It doesn’t have to be. Now you help agents feel more comfortable learning your best methods in their own style.  

Simulation Training
Best Practice Simulation Training

Agents Certify to Engage with “Live” Customers or Prospects

The system is using AI…but the results are real. Agents learn how to engage with “live” customers and prospects  

What Does This Mean?
Agents Who Are Ready To Perform

Make sure your agents feel comfortable, confident, and empowered when they take their first calls. Make sure your business thrives. Make sure it is your stories that are told.

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Zenarate AI Simulation Training Receives 2023 Customer Value Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan