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30 Statistics Shaping Customer Service Levels in 2023

30 Statistics Shaping CX Levels 2023

Customer service has transformed from just a business sector into a experience realm — an interaction that can make or break brand loyalty. It’s what most leaders refer to as customer experience (CX). A buzzword? Perhaps. But leaders are taking note of customer experience and how every employee and every digital touchpoint in the customer journey play a role in delivering premium customer experience.

Technology has indeed become a major player in shaping CX through enhancing customer service levels. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML), and smart office tools, companies are taking their customer service level to unprecedented heights. However, the effectiveness of the AI and technology revolution does not negate the impact of soft skills, a credit to customer service training.

In every industry, soft skills like active listening, empathizing, and proper tone remain pivotal in delivering effective customer service. How exactly have these concepts impacted customer service levels and customer service investments today?

Below, we’ve gathered 30 statistics surrounding this customer service level transformation and how it is shaping CX, influencing 2023 consumer behavior, and potentially the future of customer service training.

Customer Service Level Improvements in 2023 and Beyond


customer response e1709327358832Below, we see that as leaders navigate complexities of delivering premium CX, they’ve been employing innovations to predict customer behavior, personalize interactions with customers, and transform their online knowledge base into a high-functioning resource. The overall goal? Offering responsive, efficient service at a moment’s notice.

Customer Behavior and Expectations Statistics Sculpting CX in 2023


  1. “89 percent of customers get frustrated because they need to repeat their issues to multiple representatives.” (Accenture)
  2. “A full 75% of shoppers say they expect personalized offers when shopping online.” (Evergage)
  3. “96% of customers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.” (Microsoft)
  4. “56% of people would rather message than call customer service.” (Nielsen)
  5. “68% of customers say that feeling like a customer service agent understands their needs is key.” (Gladly)
  6. “Highly engaged customers are 23% more profitable.” (Gallup)
  7. “In 2023, 65% of customers will interact with customer service through social media.” (Business2Community)
  8. “61% of consumers switched companies due to poor customer service.” (Accenture)
  9. “80% of consumers use social media to engage with brands.” (Sprout Social)
  10. “51% of customers expect companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions by 2023.” (Salesforce)
  11. “70% of customers say they would stay with companies when a resolution is provided first-contact.” (CSpace)
  12. “78% of consumers will do business with a company after having a good mobile experience.” (Google)
  13. “Customers are willing to spend 17% more with companies that deliver excellent service.” (American Express)
  14. “80% of B2B buyers expect real-time interaction in 2023.” (Salesforce)
  15. “Approximately 2.14 billion people worldwide will make digital purchases in 2023.” (Statista)

Customer Experience Investment and Customer Service Training Statistics Shaping CX


  1. “A customer experience personalization engine can deliver a 20% increase in sales.” (Monetate)
  2. “Companies will lose $1.6 trillion in 2023 due to customers switching as a result of poor customer service.” (Accenture)
  3. “A management consulting company estimates AI could increase economic value by $13 trillion by 2023.” (McKinsey)
  4. “Employee engagement influences 20% of the Customer Satisfaction Score.” (Qualtrics)
  5. “By 2023, over 70% of the brands will be using AI to forecast and model customer behavior.” (Gartner)
  6. “Organizations that promote role playing in customer interaction are 14% more likely to achieve positive customer satisfaction results.” (Customer Management IQ)
  7. “Companies who have a formal inbound SLA had a 33.1% faster time to respond to leads.” (Hubspot)
  8. “Over 40% of companies have “acquired a customer” via Twitter.” (Convince & Convert)
  9. “Worldwide IT spending will rise by 5% to reach $2.5 trillion in 2023.” (Oracle)
  10. “By 2023, 80% of organizations will still use customer service as a key competitive differentiator.” (Gartner)
  11. “By 2023, the use of virtual customer assistants will increase by 1,000%.” (Nuance Communications)
  12. “Companies with an SLA report a 20% increase in customer satisfaction” (Hubspot)
  13. “Gartner’s 2020 Service DXP survey of 1,000 CX leaders revealed that 64% of respondents said that customer service has a primary role in competitive differentiation, compared to 59% who believed price does.” (Gartner)
  14. “U.S. companies will spend $4.5 billion on AI chatbot development between 2020 and 2023.” (BI Intelligence)
  15. “49% of CX leaders say their organizations are using AI and predictive analytics for personalization.” (Salesforce)

ai cht e1709327190961Whether it’s enhancing SLAs, implementing advanced AI chatbots, or investing in customer service training for digital experiences, the future is all about elevated, personalized, and efficient customer experiences. Businesses that prioritize these insights and embed them into their strategies are poised for success in today’s market.

Need to Improve your Customer Service Levels?


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