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Top Contact Center Agent Simulation Training Considerations and Best Practices

Best Practice Simulation Training

Using agent simulation training for your contact center agents is a great step to help build more resilient, better-trained, and more skilled service organizations. Simulation training puts your agents in situations they might encounter in their day-to-day work and helps them be prepared for the types of situations they may encounter. Simulation training is like role-play training, but Zenarate takes another step forward by automating the process and building intelligent situations that are a better fit for your organization. Just like a basketball player perfecting their jump shot in the practice gym, musicians rehearsing their solo before going on stage, and pilots mastering how to fly a plane in a flight simulator before flying a real plane for the first time – your agents can master their skills in a safe practice environment, building confidence before their live customer and prospect interactions.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top considerations and best practices for making simulation training part of your onboarding, continuing education, or training programs for your team.

If building agent confidence is key for your organization, simulation training is the right choice

Simulation training has many benefits — but one of the biggest and most valuable is building agent teams that are more confident in their work. Customer service agents that feel anxiety or hesitancy are less likely to deliver strong customer outcomes. By using simulation training in your onboarding or continuing education process you can help your team engage with customers with the confidence needed to perform at their peak levels. Even when faced with new situations not covered in the simulation training, your teams will have the self-assuredness required to seek and deliver effective solutions. In fact, customers who have used Zenarate’s simulation training software have reported improved employee performance metrics like higher CSAT and improved First Call Resolution.

Looking for an easy-to-deploy solution that doesn’t require IT integrations? Simulation training is a great fit

Zenarate’s simulation training platform is built so it does not require integration support from your IT teams. A common problem for many organizations that want to leverage AI training solutions is the requirement to integrate a new application or technology into your tech stack – a process that can mean getting IT support and incurring additional costs. Zenarate’s simulation training solution is ready out-of-the-box for test and enterprise rollout, requiring only a Chrome browser and a headset to get your agents started. By keeping IT overhead to an absolute minimum, Zenarate’s simulation training software can get your teams performing better, and faster.

Simulation training is ideal for both new hires and tenured agents

Simulation training is not just for agents that are new to your organization. While Zenarate’s simulation training platform is a great choice to develop top-performing new hire agents in situations that may encounter during their work, it is also great to keep tenured agent skills sharp and upskill them as you roll out new products or services offerings. The Zenarate simulation training platform can also help tenured employees to work on skills or areas where they struggle, and can be customized to fit their exact needs. Truly, Simulation Training is taking hold in customer service and contact centers, read Zenarate’s recent CSM article to find out more.

Struggling with employee retention? Simulation training can help

The competition for attracting and retaining talent has never been more intense than it is today. Keeping customer service professionals who deal with challenging problems daily has always been difficult. However, the Zenarate simulation training platform has proven to be an effective solution for increasing employee retention – in fact, our users have seen 32% lower employee attrition than before using our simulation training tool. Why? Because agents are more successful in their roles. Customer service agents reach proficiency 55% faster, have 22% higher conversion rates, and have 33% higher CSAT scores. To put it simply, teams that use the Zenarate simulation training platform are more satisfied in their jobs, cope with less anxiety and enjoy an abundance of confidence.

Is simulation training right for your organization? Contact us to find out

The Zenarate simulation training platform, Zenarate AI Coach, is the #1 choice for leading brands across industries. Zenarate’s AI Coach helps your employees engage better with customers, master soft skills and best practices, and perform at peak levels to deliver industry-leading KPIs. You can learn how to leverage simulation training in our recent blog, How to Leverage Simulation Training in a separate Zenarate blog post. And if you would like to know if Zenarate’s simulation training platform is right for you, contact us today to schedule a demo.

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