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We live in a digital world today where technology drives many of our workplace and commerce interactions. Yet, the most personal and impactful customer engagement happens through human-to-human conversations.

An article in CustomerThink cited how 75% of consumers still prefer human interaction to provide empathy and personalized experiences, and 95% cite brand loyalty as tied to customer service.

These insights are not new or surprising for leaders working to improve contact center and agent performance. In our contact center world, human-to-human interaction is irreplaceable. And, we are ultimately responsible for creating positive personalized experiences through these interactions.

Do Conversations Matter?

Conversations between customers and brands are human endeavors, and they are dynamic and complex. Conversations affecting brand good or bad happen in contact centers every day where agents engage with an organization’s most precious asset – customers.

At Zenarate, we’re fortunate to work with the majority of the Top 20 U.S. Banks and Fintechs — in addition to top healthcare providers, BPOs, service providers, and payroll processors– to transform contact center performance through AI Conversation Simulation. We are on a mission to help people perform around the globe. We love helping employees master critical skills and leaders deliver superior customer experiences and performance.

I’m pleased to introduce our AI Coach and share how AI Conversation Simulation is creating confident top-performing customer-facing teams delivering superior customer experiences and performance.

What is AI Conversation Simulation?

AI Conversation Simulation is a human-centered AI approach to help contact center agents perform their best through highly realistic immersive learning experiences. It creates hyper-realistic simulations of any call or chat scenario so customer-facing employees can learn through practicing, solving problems, making mistakes, and building confidence. It’s like training in a live environment but without any risks.

How AI Conversation Simulation Works

AI Conversation Simulation immerses agents in real-life conversations and provides real-time coaching to help agents master high-impact call and chat scenarios they will face with live customers. Unlike conversation intelligence analytics solutions, AI Conversation Simulation identifies and closes agent skill gaps before agents interact with live customers.

Introducing Zenarate AI Coach

Zenarate AI Coach uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology allowing agents to use their own words without any scripting, and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology generating real-time customer responses to simulate a customer on any topic or persona. Agents engage with their personal AI Coach – from home or office – on high-impact call and chat scenarios they will face with live customers. Agents master best and required practices with their AI Coach, providing guidance and real-time feedback. Trainers receive a Simulation Scorecard certifying agents who have mastered their best methods and are ready to hit the floor as top performers. Contact center leaders experience accelerated agent speed to proficiency, higher CSAT scores and first call resolution, and lower agent attrition.

Zenarate clients report exceptionally high user experience scores, with agents citing how realistic and challenging their conversation simulations feel and how their AI Coach improves their confidence. Zenarate’s AI Coach is intelligent, patient, unbiased, and is working 24/7 creating customer engagement rockstars around the globe.

Just like learning how to fly a plane, mastery isn’t achieved by taking tests and quizzes, and watching videos. It’s achieved through hands-on learning. At Zenarate, we’ve engineered the world’s most advanced AI Conversation Simulation training platform helping leading brands deliver consistent and superior customer experiences and performance.

As an experienced contact center leader, Brian understands how today’s automation is leaving agents with the most demanding problems to solve. Brian is the Cofounder & CEO of Zenarate, the world leader in developing confident top-performing agents through AI simulation training, live call analysis, and personalized simulation coaching.

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