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Simulation Training: The Future of New Employee On-Boarding, Continuous Learning, and Employee Development

Simulation Training

In a hyper-competitive business environment, providing outstanding customer and prospect experiences starts with having teams that are well-organized, well-trained, and prepared for every possible outcome. In the past, achieving this level of preparation was difficult and only came as agents gained experience after making mistakes with live customers and prospects. Today, simulation training is allowing agents to master high-impact call types, soft skills, tone, and best and required conversation and screen practices before their first live customer or prospect call. With Zenarate AI Coach simulation training, agents can learn how humans learn best – by practicing, making mistakes, and building confidence.

Simulation Training 101

To take a deeper dive into simulation training, read our blog on “What is Simulation Training?” But for the purposes of this article, let’s start with a quick overview of what simulation training means. Simulation training is the process of learning through hands-on experience in life-like simulated scenarios. Just as pilots learn how to fly planes in flight simulators or surgeons learn how to perform complex operations using virtual reality, agents learn how to deliver superior customer and prospect experiences through simulation training. Simulation training develops confident and prepared agents by immersing them in high-impact call scenarios they will encounter with live customers and prospects.

Zenarate AI Coach uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), allowing agents to use their own words without any scripting. Zenarate Customer Success Managers create hyper-realistic simulations of any call scenario so agents can learn through hands-on experiential active learning.

Simulation Training In Action

Why should you consider leveraging Zenarate simulation training in your organization?

  1. Zenarate Simulation Training Will Help You Deliver Consistent Superior Customer Experiences and Performance Across Your Enterprise
    Our simulation training is helping organizations in the banking, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, and travel industries exceed customer and prospect expectations by developing agents who are confident and proficient at solving problems, deepening loyalty, and expanding relationships. Zenarate simulation training positions customer service agents for success by allowing them to practice and master high-impact scenarios, soft skills, tone, and best and required conversation and screen practices before they engage with their first live customer. Zenarate simulation training software allows training organizations to proactively teach customer agents through hands-on experiential active learning, helping them deliver superior customer experiences to retain and grow existing customer relationships.
  2. Simulation Training Will Help You Win More Deals
    Zenarate simulation training will help your sales team win more deals. With Zenarate simulation training, new hire and tenured sales agents master high-impact scenarios they will face with live prospects by role-playing with their personal unbiased Zenarate AI Coach, while receiving soft skills and best practice feedback throughout the simulation. Simulating high-impact scenarios like discovery calls, objections handling, and pricing negotiations gives sales agents the confidence they need to successfully engage with prospects and win more deals.
  3. Simulation Training Develops Agents with High Emotional Intelligence
    Zenarate simulation training teaches agents how to deliver personalized empathetic customer and prospect experiences. As pointed out in a recent article in Forbes, “Delivering empathetic conversations is a key driver of brand perception. Research from 2015 shows, ‘The top 10 companies in the Global Empathy Index 2015 increased in value more than twice as much as the bottom 10 and generated 50% more earnings.’” Put simply, customers want to interact with companies who care about them — and a key to customers feeling heard and understood is agents consistently delivering empathetic customer and prospect experiences. Zenarate’s AI Coach simulates the kindest to the most challenging customer and prospect personas, teaching your agents to master critical soft skills that satisfy even the most difficult personalities.
  4. Simulation Training is Simple to Onboard
    Unlike most enterprise coaching and training tools, Zenarate simulation training requires minimal time with your IT department to meet integration and data security requirements. There is no personal or account information and no IT integration required for a Zenarate simulation training pilot or enterprise rollout. The only technical requirements for your agents are a browser and headset to role-play with their personal unbiased AI Coach anywhere in the world from home or office in 13 languages.
  5. Simulation Training is Easy to Test and Deploy
    Our simulation training is easy to test and deploy with minimal work from you. Leaders simply submit their high-impact role-play scenarios in any format to the Zenarate team, and Zenarate will build your high-impact role-play stories for your agents to master. Each story will include soft skills and your best and required conversation and screen practices for your agents to master through hands-on experiential simulation training.

Simulation Training: Helping Close the Gaps Left by Chatbots

As a 2022 research report from Forrester points out, “Service delivered by human agents (not robots) is what drives positive customer outcomes. The pendulum is finally swinging back from hyper-automation to human-led conversation.” Chatbots simply cannot deliver the personalized experiences that your customers and prospects expect. Simulation training amplifies your human-led conversation to efficiently and effectively solve your customer and prospect’s most complex problems through personalized empathetic experiences, and close the void left by chatbots.

Why Zenarate Simulation Training?

Zenarate simulation training offers all the benefits of human-to-human role play but without the awkwardness and inefficiency of role-playing with another human being. Zenarate’s personal unbiased AI Coach provides your agents with a hands-on active simulation training experience that is tailored to your organization’s needs. Zenarate simulation training uses the most advanced simulation technology called AI Conversation Simulation. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) allow agents to use their own words without any scripting.

The result of Zenarate simulation training is better prepared, more confident, top-performing agents solving your customer and prospect’s toughest problems while delivering consistent superior experiences and performance.

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