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Zenarate Breaks the Mold with Global Outreach and Expanded Language Support

Zenarate introduces Global Outreach and Expanded Language Support

Responding to the needs of our global user base, Zenarate now supports a staggering 79 languages, setting our platform apart as the industry leader in language options.

The benefits of this expansion cannot be overstated, especially for global, diverse teams. No longer burdened by lingual discrepancies, agents can gain a deeper perception during training resulting in superior service delivery that customers appreciate.

Our customizability features move the needle for AI Simulation Training. In a nutshell, we’re helping make communication more human.

How Does It Work?


A robust language offering is not a new strength, Zenarate’s design already allows leaders to construct role-play scenarios for agents in 15 different languages. And our customers report their agents deliver industry leading KPI’s as a result. In fact, our customized life-like conversation, software, and chat simulations dial-up effectiveness, with an average 56% faster speed to proficiency and 33% higher CSAT scores.

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Connecting seamlessly with clients of all backgrounds is a must-have for contact centers in our diverse world. This language expansion will amplify these results as it is poised to advance a range of organizational goals for modern contact centers. It helps resolve misunderstandings and miscommunications and addresses customer concerns with professionalism and cultural context that only native language coaching can offer. Here are some more awesome benefits:

  1. Boosting Customer Happiness: High-quality customer service is our endgame. When agents can train in their own language, they can more effectively understand and connect with customers, it elevates the customer experience, reduces confusion, and assures customers their concerns matter.
    2. Increasing Efficiency and Productivity: When agents can speak their customer’s language effectively, it paves the way for quick problem-solving and fewer escalations, driving your team’s efficiency and productivity up and proving cost-effective.
    3. Cultivating a Diverse and Inclusive Team: Call centers often employ a mixed bag of cultures. By allowing agents to use their native language, it fosters a sense of inclusion, and equal opportunity, and lets them utilize their language skills to the fullest.
    4. Maintaining Consistency: The beauty of AI simulation training lies in its ability to ensure a consistent quality level across different languages. It’s crucial to keep your brand intact and reassure agents regardless of their language that they are receiving top-tier training.
    5. Quick Market Adaptation: The global market is forever changing. Call centers need to keep pace as businesses tap into new regions and demographics. AI allows new languages to be incorporated into training modules swiftly to serve new customer sectors effectively.
    6. Attracting and Retaining Talent: A call center dedicated to providing sophisticated training opportunities tends to be more appealing to the top players. These agents appreciate the investment in their skills, likely boosting morale and loyalty amongst the team.
    7. Cost-Efficiency: Implementing AI simulations to enhance language skills often proves cheaper than recruiting multilingual leadership. It reduces the need for language-specific hiring and training while maintaining and potentially heightening the quality of customer service.
    8. Data Collection and Analysis: The ability of AI simulations to accumulate useful data from customer interactions in various languages is a game changer. This data can be used to refine training programs, fine tune best practices, and make better decisions to elevate your customer service strategies.

Speak Easy with One Tool


From upskilling to reskilling we have you covered. Zenarate AI Coach is designed for new hires, tenured agents, and all-stars. Beyond the significant language expansion, Zenarate AI Coach delivers a comprehensive tool deck for multilple use cases to help leaders develop top-performing agents. In fact, this language offering is only one of our recent innovations. To uncover more agent training insights and improve continuous learning outcomes, we’ve updated our reporting solutions to offer “Deeper Insights”.

Learn more about these recent updates and share your thoughts with your network! Being a great leader is easier when you’re a top voice in customer service. And with Zenarate’s technology, we’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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