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How To Improve Contact Center Training With AI Conversation Simulation

“Today’s contact centers are fine-tuned machines, with no penny wasted and every customer interaction optimized. Before founding Zenarate, I led contact centers at large financial institutions. During this time, I saw firsthand how advances in automation, with so much promise, are leaving contact center agents with the most demanding customer problems to solve.

The 2020 Salesforce “State of Service” report shows that almost 80% of contact center agents say their company views them as customer advocates or brand ambassadors, and 77% of agents reported that their role is more strategic than it was two years ago. Meanwhile, McKinsey & Company reported, “the average 500-agent call center in North America allocates around $2 million of staff time to coaching activities every year.” They also note that much of this coaching time is unsuccessful.

Today, human-centered AI solutions have evolved to improve agent confidence, reduce agent anxiety and prepare agents to solve complex customer problems and deliver superior empathetic customer experiences. Agents across industries engage in AI training to master best and required practices in private from home or office before speaking with a live customer. My company focuses on one of the most recent solutions in this area: AI conversation simulation.”

Continue Reading Brian Tuite’s thought leadership article on Forbes Business Council here: How To Improve Contact Center Training With AI Conversation Simulation

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As an experienced contact center leader, Brian understands how today’s automation is leaving agents with the most demanding problems to solve. Brian is the Cofounder & CEO of Zenarate, the world leader in developing confident top-performing agents through AI simulation training, live call analysis, and personalized simulation coaching.

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