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How to Leverage Simulation Training for Customer Service Training

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Are You Leveraging Simulation Training?

Simulation training is one of the fastest-growing training approaches for customer service agents. The new approach helps prepare customer service agents to confidently deliver superior customer experiences before live customer interactions.

Did you know you can leverage advances in simulation training to provide customer service agents with an automated role-play partner, allowing customer service agents to practice and master any real-life customer engagement scenario in private from their home or office? Simulation training, specifically AI Conversation Simulation, acts as a personal AI Coach who produces realistic, immersive, and active learning experiences preparing customer service agents to deliver superior customer experiences before interacting with their first live customer.

Here’s how to leverage simulation training to coach customer service agents on how to have meaningful conversations and deliver superior customer experiences:

Developing high-impact customer engagement simulations: 

Training managers and directors are pioneering the application of new simulation training technology. How? Trainers have deep knowledge of customer engagement scenarios agents face, allowing them to identify simulation scenarios and associated best and required practices, like showing customer empathy. Taking inventory of these high-impact scenarios that customer service agents face during their customer interactions is the first step. Once training experts have decided on high-impact scenarios, they get to leverage AI to create life-like simulations!

Training your AI-Powered simulation training Environment:

Zenarate’s AI Conversation Simulator, Zenarate AI Coach, is an advanced simulation training software. Zenarate AI Coach uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLU (Natural Language Understanding), AI models that learn business conversations and nuances within the conversations. These AI learning models enable both new hires and tenured agents to master their company’s high impact call types, soft skills, and best and required practices in their own words without scripting! With the AI understanding intent, customer service agents train in the simulation using their own natural language allowing them to enjoy their life-like simulation training experience. This advanced AI can be applied to any simulation scenario and in any language.

Listening to what best practice sounds like:

Simulation training should incorporate best practice examples to help familiarize agents with simulation learning goals. Zenarate’s AI Coach allows customer service agents to listen to what great sounds like before they start their simulation training.

Engaging with the Simulation’s AI:

After listening to what great sounds like, customer service agents engage with their simulation on high-impact conversation and chat scenarios they will face with live customers.

Mastering topics through Simulation:

Agents master high-impact topics through immersive, active learning with their personal unbiased AI Coach simulating a customer, and their AI Coach provides best and required practice feedback along the way. Because the AI understands the customer service agent’s intent when they engage in a simulation, it knows when to offer coaching advice to help the agent perform their best. When agents don’t use the best and required practices, Zenarate’s AI Coach will interrupt the agent, provide real-time feedback, and ask the agent to try again, ensuring agents build their confidence to speak effectively with any customer.

Adding the human coaching element to Simulation training:

In addition to receiving 24/7 coaching from their AI Coach, agents can share their best practice sessions with their training managers, who can provide human coaching by approving or not approving the shared simulation, scoring the session, and providing agents with written feedback.

Live call certification:

Zenarate AI Coach provides a detailed simulation scorecard allowing trainers to assess each agent’s readiness to handle live calls. The simulation scorecard shows if the agent has mastered the high-impact topics, soft skills, and best and required practices before graduating to live customer interactions.  And Zenarate AI Coach provides Immersion Call Listening allowing trainers to listen to agent practice sessions and hear their readiness to handle live calls. Customer service agents who pass the Simulation Scorecard & Immersion Call Listening are now ready to interact with live customers as confident top performers!

See Simulation Training In Action – AI Conversation Simulation

Simulation training software, like Zenarate AI Coach, is designed to develop confident prepared new hire agents before their first live call and close tenured agent skill gaps. Leveraging simulation training like Zenarate AI Coach will help your customer service agents rapidly prepare for and adapt to dynamic customer needs and deliver consistently superior customer experiences across your enterprise.

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