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Webinar Overview: Human Power is More Important than Automation

Webinar Overview | Hybrid Contact Center Workforce

The hybrid contact center workforce combines the best of in-house and remote resources to create a highly flexible team. But it’s not easy to get it right. From time zone differences and virtual training to virtual performance management and language barriers, hybrid customer-facing agents encounter unique challenges.

In a recent webinar titled “Mastering the Hybrid Contact Center Workforce,” Casey Denby, Vice President of Sales at Zenarate, weighed in on how to use AI Simulation technology to leap over these hurdles and enhance proficiency, retain employees, and scale your contact center. And he’s 100% qualified for the job. As a former global operations leader in various prominent enterprises, Denby brings extensive experience in contact center agent management and leading operational and training programs. Denby has worked with some of the most reputable names in business such as Western Union, Comcast, Remax, and Dish Network.

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Webinar Overview: Human Power is More Important than Automation


A recent study provided by Execs In The Know, a leading authority in the customer experience industry, informed Denby’s core message: Human power holds more significance than automation. In his introductory remarks, he led with that sentiment. He highlighted difficulties associated with hybrid learning as it’s harder to retain knowledge without in-person guidance.

As his introduction came to a close, Denby succinctly examined a new contact center trend (captured below). While doing so, he set the tone for subsequent talking points.

Key Talking Points:

  • The latest agent training challenges and how to grasp why customer engagement jobs are difficult.
  • How modern agent training happens and how it’s impacting real customers.
  • The AI simulation training concept, showcasing a Zenarate demo to illustrate its potential.
  • A case study featuring Western Union that showcased how AI simulation training successfully improved agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Explore essential knowledge about the significance of human interaction in customer service, customer experience insights, challenges faced by distributed contact center teams, and potential solutions through virtual training and AI simulation.

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