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5 Microlearning Examples for Effective Contact Center Agent Development

Microlearning | 5 Examples for Effective Contact Center Agent Development

Chances are you know you can take an agent from novice to knowledgeable, in a matter of months, and sometimes, weeks, using basic microlearning techniques. But what you probably don’t know is how you can enhance your microlearning strategy. That’s where AI Simulation microlearning comes in.

But how does it work?

AI Simulation microlearning gives your agents opportunities to practice skills through hyper-targeted roleplay while in a safe environment so they can learn from their mistakes without damaging the company’s reputation or losing any customers.

It’s fast. It’s effective.

Agents with busy schedules can upskill or onboard with ease.

Human Centered Microlearning Examples: Why AI Simulation Training Environments Drive Results


From improved customer satisfaction to more first call resolutions, you can expect your agents to hit KPI’s after completing AI Simulated microlearning sessions.

Why? Human centered and customized to meet specific needs, AI Simulation training at its core is beyond basic and it’s designed for active learning — here are 5 examples to illustrate how it works:

  1. AI Simulated Roleplay Microlearning: Simulated roleplay gives your agents the experience of working in a variety of real-world scenarios. Agents have the opportunity to learn soft skills, and best and required practices, while engaging with sad, angry, or satisfied customers. Deliverd in customized intervals, this type of training helps improve your agents’ ability to engage appropriately during live calls.
  2. Accurate Real-Time Feedback: Microlearning is effective because it enhances learning retention and AI Simulation microlearning boosts this through real time feedback. During and after training with their AI Coach,feedback agents receive coaching based on performance. This means immediately after roleplaying with their AI Coach they receive coaching, highlighting where the learner falls short of expectations until they master that skill or step. Cool right?
  3. Real-World Experience Practicing Soft Skills: Whether in banking or healthcare, contact center agents typically have access to sensitive information. Sometimes, all it takes is a high-pressure moment, like speaking with an enraged customer, for an agent to accidentally disclose proprietary information. The life-like AI Simulation microlearning allows for practicing best and required practices while sharing objections like using empathy.
  4. Exposure to Call Time Reduction: Agents who train using microlearning simulations will have more confidence which leads to shorter call times. From gaining more experience through practice agents in training have more natural conversations, the real-world scenarios in the simulation training will result in agents being more prepared for a variety of customer calls.
  5. Lower Attrition Through Enhanced Employee Experience: It is critical for leaders to understand that if they want to retain top talent, the most advantageous solution is eliminating antiquated workplace technology. In today’s customer facing workplace, the quality of the relationship between employer and employee is measured by new variables. For example, simplifying workflows is now a key factor when striving to meet employee needs. In fact, a recent study by Gartner Inc. found 47% percent of digital workers struggle to find information and data required to perform their job. This widespread issue has led to re-thinking improving workflows for digital teams resulting in employee expectations shifting as technology advances to meet workplace needs. Simply, put, employees want the best tools.

So without dispute, investing in quality technology will enrich digital workplace environments and keep people happy and productive.

As leaders in the contact center space, we can guarantee this because we understand the nature of the modern workplace. We’ve had countless encounters with top organizations experiencing challenges in their customer service departments. We always encourage leaning toward cutting edge technology at every customer service level and employment stage. And it works. It ensures workplaces have the tools required to position agents for success.

Designing the Contact Center Employee Experience for Success


AI Simulation using a microlearning roleplay can help you create this type of learning space— take the above scenarios for example:

  • Upskilling Tenured Agents: While tenured agents are great at handling objections and using soft skills and best & required practices there are always new customer expectations or call transfer protocols to learn. AI Simulation Training creates the perfectUpskill setting for gaining these skills through roleplay and real-time coaching. These two features increase agent speed to proficiency and help retain your seasoned team members.
  • Training New Hires: There’s nothing like the excitement of starting a new job, but poor onboarding experience can deter that feeling. With Zenarate AI Coach, new hires experience roleplay on any targeted call skill, getting the practice and support they need right off the bat. As an enterprise caliber solution, our human centered AI Simulation Training ensures new hires are prepared for live customers before they have their first call.

We know crash course training classes are a dime of dozen, and this is why some leaders shy away from using microlearning strategies. But AI Simulation microlearning is far from ordinary and provides a ton of value. As the term indicates, microlearning is designed to deliver information in bite sized chucks. When you add AI technology to mix, what you’ll get is a bespoke approach to agent training.

And that’s exactly what we deliver.

Top Microlearning Platforms: AI Simulation Tools For Contact Centers


Zenarate AI Coach develops top-performing agents through creating life-like scenarios so agents can expect the “unexpected”. Our enterprise grade technology is tailored to agent needs supplying best practice training for all call types. We’ve helped training leaders operating top companies develop agents, lower agent attrition, improve brand associations, skyrocket customer satisfaction scores, and more. If you’re curious to know if Zenarate AI Coach is the tool for your team, reach out to one of our contact center experts at sales@zenarate.com. 

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