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Omnichannel Experience: How Contact Centers Use Advanced Tech to Improve Soft Skills

Omnichannel Experience | 5 Examples for Effective Contact Center Agent Development

Interpersonal (people) skills, or soft skills, are key differentiators distinguishing top agents from agents that are operating at lower levels. Why might this be? Well, we already know all people enjoy pleasant interactions, but with the rise of telecommunication adoption and the distributed teams in the work force, customers are desiring the same authentic, human connections they would have during face-to-face meetings. So, while customers value forward-thinking, tech-enabled enterprises, they still need genuine engagement at every touch point. How do contact center leaders get the best of both worlds? Omnichannel experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the contact center omnichannel experience and share how leaders can start using advanced tech to improve soft skills and best practices while meeting customers exactly where they are: online.

Omnichannel Experience: Improving Customer Facing Skills in Contact Centers


Delivering omnichannel experience is about ensuring exceptional communication during customer facing interactions. Given how most of this communication is digital, you need to create a seamless and integrated customer journey across communication channels, such as phone calls, emails, text messages, social media, and live chat.

Now to elevate this omnichannel experience, leaders should prioritize helping customer-facing agents develop specific skillsets to manage different encounters across channels. There are a number of tools available to assist with this, but we recommend AI Simulation Training as it is invaluable for contact centers. In fact, it is proven to help contact center agents deliver industry leading KPIs.

AI simulation training can be tailored specifically for omnichannel digital experiences. Your agents can practice handling customer interactions across various channels and learn how to naturally transition from one channel to another, providing a consistent and personalized experience throughout. They can learn how to handle phone calls, engage in live chat conversations, and interact with customers on social media platforms. This comprehensive training approach ensures that agents are well-prepared to deliver a superior omnichannel experience to customers, using company required soft skills, and best & required practices.

As premium solution provider in this space, we’re happy to illustrate how AI technology is powering omnichannel experience for the future of contact centers.

Training Your Agents for Omnichannel Experiences


One of the most essential aspects of creating your omnichannel experience is helping your team make human connections through quality customer service. For this reason (especially given our custom-centric landscape), contact center leaders should maintain a proactive mindset toward agent development guided by the two following concepts.

  1. We recommend having a good understanding of how and where your customers communicate. Is it quicky via chat? Or slowly over the phone? Chances are it’s both as gen z, millennials, and boomers prefer different communication channels. This then encourages taking a comprehensive training approach which ensures your agents are prepared to engage and operate in every emerging channel, with any customer group.
  2. Keeping top of mind that customer success requires staying competitive, which necessitates evolution. From transforming your tech stack to developing your team, with AI Simulation technology, you can make this happen.

To materialize these concepts, start by directing focus to communication channels and training processes that help with developing agents and superior omnichannel experience.

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Let’s break those down, starting with the most traditional channel: face-to-face conversation.

  • Face-to-Face Conversation: While technology plays a significant role in modern communication, human interactions still hold immense value. Training agents to excel in face-to-face conversations helps them develop crucial people skills, such as interpersonal communication and displaying empathy. Technology also aids in this training process by allowing learners to record their faces while roleplaying. This encourages them to analyze their nonverbal cues and improve communication effectiveness.
  • Screen/Chat: Agent chat training is an integral part of preparing agents for omnichannel experiences. In this training, learners engage in roleplaying with multiple simulated chat customers simultaneously. They can phase in an unlimited number of chat conversations, replicating the real-time chat environment. AI Simulation Training then measures the learner’s response time within each chat and across multiple chats, providing valuable insights into their multitasking abilities and efficiency in handling multiple customer interactions.
  • Phone: Agent phone training is another critical component when trying to improve omnichannel experience. With our solution, Zenarate AI Simulation Training, learners can practice different phone call scenarios like processing payments and troubleshooting until they are confident or proficient enough to interact with customers on live calls.

With the help of technology, your agents can get the ultimate coaching experience through roleplay in life-like conversation and chat simulations before they engage with live customers.

When it comes to scaling enterprises, we understand the significance of adapting to market demand and remaining competitive. Our AI Simulation Training enables call center agents to pivot effectively and excel in omnichannel experiences.

In fact, a leading financial services company, Sallie Mae, implemented Zenarate AI Coach, and revolutionized their training process. Zenarate AI Coach provided efficient and scalable simulation learning for their agents, accelerating their speed to proficiency. Sallie Mae was able to reduce certification time from 2.5 days to just 2 hours, significantly improving their training efficiency. This success story showcases how we can help companies like yours use AI Simulation Training to equip agents with the necessary skills to provide exceptional omnichannel customer experiences.

The Customer Service Training Tool Built for Omnichannel Experience


With Zenarate Ai Coach, agents can roleplay various text-based, audio, and video simulations, including Live Chat, SMS, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. Focusing on these channels is the key to equipping your agents with the conversation and screen navigation skills needed for omichannel experience.

Don’t just take our word for it – according to widely acclaimed growth advisory company, Frost & Sulivan, Zenarate AI Coach is disrupting the contact center world. In fact, we were honored to accept the 2023 Customer Value Leadership award from Frost & Sulivan for performance management in the contact center industry. This recognition highlights how through improving company required soft skills, and best & required practices Zenarate AI Coach can help develop top-performing agents.

In an ever-changing market, it is crucial to embrace tools and technologies that offer efficient and effective training solutions. Contact us today and speak with a contact center expert to learn more about how Zenarate AI Coach can help transform your customer service training.

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