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Reflections of Conversation Simulation at Customer Contact Week

Zenarate Conversation Simulation wins Runner up at Customer Contact Week

Thank you CCW for conducting a safe and well-run event. As the world’s largest customer contact event series, CCW brings together the top minds in the industry. It features cutting-edge content from an unmatched collection of the top executives and business leaders in the customer contact and CX profession. 

Thank you Max Feil and Raj Subramanian from Genpact for your CCW workshop partnership, “Develop Top Performing Agents Through AI Conversation Simulation.” CCW said we had the largest audience and were the only live demo at the conference. We had several contact center leaders and trainers across industries approach us afterward for an in-depth Zenarate AI Coach demo.  

One clear take away from CCW is that AI is the dominant force within our industry, and the overwhelming new technologies we saw were new AI-and-language-based solutions. And, while automation is essential, with some very cool conversation automation (chatbots), leading-edge solutions are focusing on improving human performance, or as we say at Zenarate, Helping People Perform. The main areas for improvement are building customer-facing team confidence and ability, conversation analysis, and improving human-to-human conversations with customers.

Innovation firmly applies within the contact center industry and is moving full steam ahead. With varying AI approaches, it’s exciting to see how Conversation Simulation is creating confident top performing customer-facing agents. Today, leading brands in banking, healthcare, and professional services use Zenarate AI Coach to create top-performing customer-facing teams to deliver industry-leading KPIs while scaling consistent superior customer experiences across their enterprise. While most software companies focus on replacing humans, we are polar opposite. Zenarate is focused on helping people perform, and preparing them to engage amazingly with another human — your customers — on any topic.

The contact center leaders we met with are very interested in better ways to prepare agents (new hires and tenured against closing skill gaps), analyze conversations (conversation analytics), support agents (RPA – robotic process automation for surfacing content and automating conversation note documentation), coaching agents (floor training) and, as mentioned above, automate conversations (chatbots).

Looking ahead, we see conversation analytics and process automation quickly maturing, and many vendors focused on analyzing conversations and minimizing human engagement. We agree with the approach, however feel the unintended consequence of automating conversations is making the agent job more challenging – leaving agents with the most challenging customer needs to address. Preparing agents to solve complex customer problems and deliver superior customer experiences is the problem that Zenarate is solving.  As the Worlds #1 AI Conversation Simulation solution, we help contact center leaders create top-performing workforces delivering industry leading KPIs.

During our demo workshop, Max Feil, Global Head of Customer Service & Contact Center at Genpact, and Raj Subramanian, VP of Digital and Analytics at Genpact, shared several case studies on how Zenarate’s AI Coach and Conversation Simulation is creating top performing agents delivering industry leading KPIs for Genpact and their clients. Max and Raj demonstrated how their Genpact AI Coach is delivering significant lift, specifically: faster speed to proficiency, higher conversion rates, higher CSAT scores, and lower agent attrition. We, along with attendees, thank Max and Raj for sharing their AI Coach insights and experiences at CCW.

Zenarate’s AI Coach is used by leading brands every day in over a dozen countries, supporting 12 languages in both conversation and chat simulation, helping people perform. We are excited to share additional insights throughout 2022 on how Zenarate customers are using their AI Coach and Conversation Simulation to power human connections that move people, ideas, and businesses forward.  

Hope everybody has a happy and healthy 2022!

As an experienced contact center leader, Brian understands how today’s automation is leaving agents with the most demanding problems to solve. Brian is the Cofounder & CEO of Zenarate, the world leader in developing confident top-performing agents through AI simulation training, live call analysis, and personalized simulation coaching.

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