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How BPOs are Developing Top-Performing Contact Center Agents and Winning More Business 

Zenarate AI Coach clients include 3 of the top 5 BPOs, 7 of the top 10 U.S. banks, and leading companies in healthcare, technology, and services industries developing top-performing agents through AI Conversation Simulation. Zenarate AI Coach customers achieve:   

  • +56% faster Speed to Proficiency 
  • +33% higher CSAT Scores
  • +22% higher Conversion Rates 
  • -32% lower Employee Attrition  

How do BPOs Develop Top-Performing New Hires Before Their First Call?  

Digital transformation has customer expectations at an all-time high, and leading brands are realizing that every customer conversation is having a greater impact on their bottom line. More companies are turning to BPOs to efficiently deliver superior customer experiences and performance. As one Zenarate enterprise BPO client puts it, “If you’re technology forward and you’re on the wave of digital transformation, you must apply AI across the company. That’s where Zenarate stood out using AI to solve our top agent and customer experience challenges.”  

Conversation Simulation is a human-centered AI approach to help agents perform their best through highly realistic immersive learning experiences. It creates hyper-realistic simulations of any conversation or chat scenario so agents can learn through practicing, solving problems, making mistakes, and building confidence. It’s like training in a live environment but without any risks.

For most BPOs, developing prepared confident new hires before taking their first call is a significant challenge. BPOs who continue to rely on passive learning methods such as reviewing content, watching videos, and taking tests & quizzes, find themselves with new hire agents finishing training feeling anxious and unprepared to handle complex customer scenarios. And most BPOs struggle closing tenured agent skill gaps using these same passive learning methods. This is why leading BPOs are turning to AI Conversation Simulation creating communities of confident top performing agents deploying best & required practices delivering superior customer experiences and performance.  

Zenarate AI Coach is the #1 AI Conversation Simulation platform that simulates any customer engagement scenario immersing agents in hyper-realistic conversations while providing them real-time coaching. BPO agents master soft skills and best practices from home or office in a safe environment with their personal AI Coach. Zenarate AI Coach is developing confident prepared new hires before their first call and closing tenured agent skill gaps.  

Zenarate AI Coach Helps BPOs Land New Clients  

Zenarate AI Coach is industry agnostic, enabling BPOs to demonstrate their ability to quickly ramp top performing agents in any vertical such as banking, telecom, insurance, and travel. Zenarate BPOs have the option to demo their AI Coach to prospective clients themselves, or leverage Zenarate’s team of contact center experts to perform custom prospect demos. BPOs are landing new clients and expanding into new verticals by highlighting how they can quickly scale top-performing agents to meet specific client needs using their AI Coach.  

Zenarate AI Coach Expands Share of Existing Client Business  

BPOs are expanding existing client share using Zenarate AI Conversation Simulation developing top-performing agents delivering industry-leading KPIs. New hires hit the floor with 56% faster speed to proficiency, 33% better customer experience scores, and 22% higher conversion rates. Floor agents deliver 600+ basis point improvement in NPS & CSAT scores from targeted immersion closing call type and skill gaps. And BPO’s experience 32% lower agent attrition from agents excelling in their role.  

How are BPOs Turning Underperforming Agents into Top Performers?  

When trainers or coaches pinpoint agents who are underperforming on specific call types, they assign targeted AI Coach immersion stories to close agent skill gaps. For example, BPOs identify agents with below-average CSAT scores on specific call types such as explaining how a points program works. BPO trainers assign the Points Program Inquiry story to agents who struggle with this call type. Agents engage with their AI Coach simulating a customer inquiring about the points program, and if the agent does not use best and required practices, their AI Coach will pause the simulation, provide the agent real-time feedback, and ask the agent to try again using the best methods. After five practices on average, agents master soft skills and best practices for handling any call type. Agents return to the floor confident and prepared, receiving top-performing CSAT scores on call types they previously struggled with.  

How do new hires and underperforming agents master soft skills and best practices with their AI Coach from home or office?  

Following are Zenarate AI Coach’s three steps to topic mastery creating confident top-performing agents: 


Agents engage with their personal AI Coach on high-impact conversation and chat scenarios they will face with live customers.  


Agents master soft skills and best practices with their personal AI Coach providing real-time feedback.  


AI Coach provides a Simulation Scorecard certifying agents who have mastered your best methods and are ready to hit the floor as top performers.  

Win More Business with Zenarate AI Coach  

Are you interested in landing new clients and expanding existing client share by scaling top-performing agents? With Zenarate AI Coach, you can join top BPOs and world-leading brands to start creating a community of top-performing agents in 1 month with no personal or account information and no IT integration for pilot or enterprise rollout.  

Fill out a Zenarate Demo Request Form if you would like to schedule a Zenarate AI Coach Demo.

You can also email Mike Lewis, mikel@zenarate.com, if you have specific questions about Zenarate AI Coach.

As an experienced contact center leader, Brian understands how today’s automation is leaving agents with the most demanding problems to solve. Brian is the Cofounder & CEO of Zenarate, the world leader in developing confident top-performing agents through AI simulation training, live call analysis, and personalized simulation coaching.

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