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Connect Agent Training with Live Call Analysis and Coaching

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"The addition of Call Analyzer to our Call Simulator training provides us the complete integrated solution we need. Listen to calls, identify call skill strengths and weaknesses by agent, assign targeted stories, practice, and coach."

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Live Agent Call Assessment and Ongoing Coaching for Continuous Development

Call Analyzer's AI-powered solution connects with Call Simulator to provide a comprehensive view of agent call skills, compliance, and insights that help you drive improvement across valuable KPIs.

Increase CSAT Scores
  • Improve call resolution with ongoing AI Simulation Training
  • Actionable measurement of empathy and soft skills through robust agent scorecards
  • Great customer experiences stem from well trained, empathetic live agent interactions
  • Continuity of Training, Assessment, and Coaching creates a better experience for agents
  • Automated Development Plans recommend additional AI Simulation Training to improve skills
  • Continuous development drives employee engagement
  • No more manual call assessments of just a sample of calls. Call Analyzers analyzes all calls automatically.
  • Save time with Automated Development plans that managers can customize
  • View dashboards at individual, team, and site levels

Capture, Organize, and Score

Automate live call analysis and scoring at scale

Call Analyzer automatically ingests live call recordings, transcribes them, and scores them, keeping managers focused on delivering excellence.

Turn Call Data into Insights

Identify skill, empathy, and compliance gaps quickly

Leveraging the data from the call analysis, Call Analyzer identifies skill and compliance gaps so managers can manage progress and ensure high performance.

From Insights to Action

Recommend additional call simulator coaching

Once skill, empathy, or compliance gaps are identified, Call Analyzer instantly creates a development plan that recommends additional AI Simulation training, all within the AI CoachTM platform.

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