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Quickly Onboard, Develop, and Grow Top Performing Agents with AI Simulation Training

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"Zenarate AI Coach has been excellent for our Team. We've deployed it across 4 contact centers. Being able to deploy it across multiple centers and departments at great speed is very helpful to our Team."

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From New Hires to Agent Upskilling, AI Simulation Training is Proven to Drive KPI Growth

From Agents to Managers and Trainers, Call Simulator delivers ROI across all contact center KPIs.

Faster Speed to Proficiency
  • 56% faster agent speed-to-proficiency vs. traditional training 
  • Easily accessed around the globe via any web browser in over 79 languages 
  • Self-paced allows high achievers to move faster
  • 23% increase in FCR 
  • Custom-built with your call skills to ensure the outcomes you want 
  • Eliminates human bias and errors found in traditional training 
  • Advanced simulation capabilities and branching ensure agents are prepared to resolve any customer call type 
  • 33% higher average CSAT scores with AI Coach Call Simulator
  • Advanced simulation capabilities and branching ensure agents are prepared to resolve any customer call type
  • Agent trained on Empathy and soft skills increases CSAT

Learn It, Try It, Do It

Agents progress quickly through Guided & Unguided practice stages with the help of their AI Coach

With Call Simulator, agents receive call skill, chat and screen navigation coaching during their roleplay, and auto-certify to speak with live customers.

Advanced AI Simulation

Create the most lifelike, unbiased roleplay experience for your agents

Call Simulator is customized with your brand call, chat and screen navigation parameters and requirements. Making it YOUR smartest training platform on the planet.

Reporting & Insights

Watch as Agents & KPIs Improve

AI Coach provides the most flexible and data-rich reporting capabilities to arm leaders with comprehensive dashboards and insights they can customize to their needs.

Easy to Deploy and Build to Serve Global Enterprises

No matter where, how, or how many agents you have.
Call Simulator is flexible and implementation friendly.

Primary AI Coach Use Cases

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