How to Bridge the “Service to Sales” Gap and Make Your Contact Center Profitable

July 16, 2024
/ 8:00 AM PT
In the contact center industry, the persona and role of a customer service agent varies greatly from those of a sales agent, yet many companies have goals of converting some customer service calls into sales opportunities. There are numerous challenges to successfully building a “Service to Sales” motion including understanding customer intent and concerns around AHT and CX KPIs. In this webinar, the McKinsey team is here to discuss some of the strategies and solutions leading organizations use to overcome these challenges and develop the skills customer service agents need to successfully identify and convert calls into upsell and cross sell opportunities.  

In this session you will learn:

  • The key challenges facing organizations trying to execute a “Service to Sales” strategy
  • How leading organziations are solving this problem
  • How building the right skills and getting agents the “at bats” needed to be confident in their ability to accomplish the goal
  • Live Q&A

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