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Financial Services

Improve Performance and Strengthen Compliance

Customer engagement positions are getting more complex with automation meeting basic customer needs. Accelerate speed to competency, reduce attrition, and close the 2-3x performance gaps between your average and top performers.

Healthcare and Insurance

Meet Policy Holder Expectations

Policyholder expectations are rising, and insurers are challenged to maintain positive customer experiences. According to PwC, the insurance industry has an 18% ‘experience and expectation gap’ between the service customers expect and the experience they get. Ensure that your agents provide customers a heightened level of customer service and sensitivity under their difficult circumstances.

Insurance agent training
Telecom Agent Training


Increase Retention Solving Complex Problems

Customer experience is the heartbeat of success and switching providers is easier than ever. A J.D. Power and Associates study found that the likelihood a customer will switch carriers jumps to 30 percent when a service call lasts 15 minutes or more. Solve complex customer problems with precision, accuracy, and speed.


Help Your Sales Team Win

Nothing happens until somebody sells. Whether you’re hiring new salespeople or launching new products, speed to intelligence is the key to success. Improve your close rate up to 60% while decreasing classroom and on-site training cost.

Technology Agent Training
icom BPO Services

BPO Services

Satisfy the Customer and Win the Client

Helping agents become superior problem solvers is difficult with antiquated new hire training and limited floor coaching from lost productivity. Improve retention, increase performance, and drive agent productivity at scale.


Create Better Brand Experiences

Retail companies are transitioning to a direct-to-consumer strategy, seeking to build stronger relationships with their product end-users. Brands and their customer service agents must be able to effectively answer all customer queries, regardless of channel. Ensure that you are training, coaching, and managing customer service employees to perform their best across multiple contact channels.

Retail Agent Training
Travel Agent Training

Travel and Hospitality

Deliver Superior Customer Experiences

The travel and tourism industry is growing at an annual rate of 10.47%. Travel customer service agents are supporting more customers than ever before while having to quickly master new travel regulations and customer handling best practices due to COVID-19. Deliver superior customer experiences by accelerating agent speed to proficiency in learning new customer handling best practices. 

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