Zenarate Guide - Reducing Agent Attrition in Contact Centers

Every day we work with organizations like yours looking to improve their agent retention. We’ve used that knowledge and experience to create this guide focused on stabilizing agent retention and creating continuous agent improvement. With refreshed focus on the entire learning journey, contact centers can turn resilience into a competitive advantage this coming year and beyond.
Key Takeaway’s from this guide include:
Zenarate AI CoachTM improves agent performance and call outcomes while reducing attrition and IT investment, addressing many of the optimization challenges facing contact centers today.
New Hire Speed to Proficiency Acceleration
Conversion Rate Lift
QA & Compliance Score Improvement
Employee Attrition Reduction

“With Zenarate AI CoachTM our agents are hitting the floor at much higher level of performance”

Matt Wheeler
Instructional Design Manager
bluegray customer Mae

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