The Future of Retail Training - Agent Skill Building and AI Simulation

Given the opportunity retailers have to drive loyalty, reputation, and revenue through excellent customer experiences and interactions, the real question is whether they’re ready to do so by developing highly skilled agent teams. This white paper examines how retail customer service agents can better deliver on these business values through immersive learning and AI simulation training. We’ll look at the evolving challenges and how to best address the shifting dynamics of customer behavior. Last, we’ll share insights into the role of more engaging and immersive training in developing top-performing agents and the benefits of these new methods.

Key Takeaway's from this White Paper include:

Zenarate AI CoachTM improves agent performance and call outcomes while reducing attrition and IT investment, addressing many of the optimization challenges facing contact centers today.
New Hire Speed to Proficiency Acceleration
Conversion Rate Lift
QA & Compliance Score Improvement
Employee Attrition Reduction

“With Zenarate AI CoachTM our agents are hitting the floor at much higher level of performance”

Matt Wheeler
Instructional Design Manager
bluegray customer Mae

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