The Zenarate Difference

See why our AI Coach platform is the industry leading Simulation Training and Development solution.

AI Coach is purpose-built to support and develop contact center agents throughout their entire employee journey. Applying AI throughout our agent-centric platform, AI Coach learns your brand’s ideal call scenarios and data to train, certify, analyze, and continuously develop top-performing agents.

Examine the insights provided here to gain a deeper understanding of the value we bring to the table and why we’re your ideal partner in achieving your goals.

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Advanced AI Conversation Simulation

Zenarate uses advanced NLP & NLU that learns, listens for, and coaches to client best & required practices. Other providers use basic commoditized NLP that converts the learner’s speech-to-text and evaluates the learners key word use.

World Class Speech-to-Text Speed

Zenarate simulations have been optimized and scaled by leading AI engineers to deliver world class lightening fast speech processing and simulated customer response times. Other providers have slow and buggy speech processing that hasn’t been optimized and scaled over time, damaging the learner experience.

Advanced Accent Comprehension

Zenarate’s AI Coach has been scaled and deployed worldwide in over a dozen countries. Its machine learning algorithms have evolved through millions of simulations and years of robust simulation training data, providing the highest level of accent comprehension that will take other providers years to reach assuming they have the opportunity and expertise.

Roleplay in 79 Languages

Zenarate supports 79 of the most spoken languages across the globe. Learners are practicing daily in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Hindi, French, and many more languages. Other Providers are limited in language support for non-English speaking learners.

Simulated Customer Drives Roleplay Branching

Zenarate learners hit the ‘start roleplay’ button, they will experience different customer personas, be presented with different call types, and experience different call path variety – just like taking live calls.

Zenarate Scores Learners on Call Skill Proficiency

Zenarate scores learners based on actual call skill proficiency, i.e. did they prove competency of soft skills and client best & required practices.
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"In partnering with Zenarate, we saw immediate lift after new hires interacted with our AI Coach. Our agents are hitting the floor at a much higher level of performance."
Matt Wheeler
Instructional Design Manager
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