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2023 CX Agents Report

Zenarate partnered with Execs In The Know to research how organizations can improve the customer experience. CX leaders can use the report to discover what their peers are focusing, what KPIs they need to improve, and most important, what makes for an exceptional customer experience.
Key insights from the report include:
  • Most customer service centers are on the small side. Nearly 2/3rd of centers are under 500 people, with 42% under 100 people. But customers prefer to deal with people, which means training for a smaller staff is crucial.
  • Speed and accuracy are king. Solving problems in a timely manner is the most important KPI for 43% of those surveyed, bettered only by CSAT. Getting an issue solved and getting off the phone makes customers happy.
  • It’s time to train. 26% of respondents are focusing training efforts on soft skills, with 24% focusing on increasing coaching and training. Finding ways to train while maintaining consistent service is an ongoing challenge.
Download the 2023 CX Agents report to understand why consumers increasingly value human interactions for superior brand experiences.

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