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Better Banking Agent Training Turns Crisis into Opportunity

70% of customers prefer interactions with a human customer service rep instead of a digital rep or a chatbot. In times of crisis, talking to a human is even more vital. If a bank suffers a data breach, undergoes a run, or is in the news for any negative reason, panicked customers can start flooding call centers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Excellent customer service can help you maintain calm, support your customers, and retain or even grow their loyalty.
  • That starts with training. A crisis, by definition, isn’t common. That means your agents have to be prepared to handle the unexpected and work with customers who aren’t sticking to a script.
  • By using an AI training platform, agents can be trained in multiple scenarios, receive real-time feedback, and have the confidence to deal with any situation. They get realistic reps without taking away any manager’s time – and that helps everyone be more prepared.

When customers are scared, a well-trained, prepared, and confident banking agent contact center employee can help them be assured. The customer will feel heard and feel more connected to their bank. That can grow loyalty and turn a crisis into something positive.

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