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2022 CX Trends and Insights Report

Zenarate partnered with Execs In The Know to gather current consumer preferences and perceptions related to customer service and customer experience channels. CX leaders can use the report to better understand what consumers value most, where to focus their agent training efforts, and how to win over customers and prospects.

Key findings from the report:

  1. Consumers prefer human agents to automation. 67% of consumers use the phone to engage with a brand’s customer care department, and leading brands are expected to have well-trained contact center agents to deliver the best brand experience possible.
  2. Voice- and text-based channels dominate customer resolution rates. CX Leaders Trends & Insights research found that 61% of multichannel engagements begin in the voice or text channel, with 69% of customer resolution occurring in the voice or text channel in the past 12 months.
  3. Agent training and coaching needs attention now. Most consumers want businesses to focus on the Customer Care Experience, but only a third believe that the area has improved over recent years.

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Download the 2022 CX Trends and Insights, Consumer Edition report to understand why consumers increasingly value human interactions for superior brand experiences.


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