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The Future of Retail Training – Agent Skill Building and AI Simulation

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Join Allison Sadler, the Chief Learning Officer of USAA, and Casey Denby, VP and former training leader, to learn more about the methodologies and underlying principles of AI Simulation Training and tips for implementing the best onboarding and training program for your contact center.
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Skill-Focused Training: Beyond Memorization to Mastery

Read this article on how AI-driven training offers new opportunities to transcend the traditional approach of memorization-heavy learning to embrace skill development as its cornerstone.
With new advances in AI technology, contact center leaders are changing the way they look at contact center training software and embracing the most impactful training approaches for customer service agents – AI Simulation Training. We know you’re busy and there’s a lot to digest when it comes to AI, so we created this guide on how to train high performing teams through AI powered skill-based learning.
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