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Future of AI and How it is Transforming Financial Industry Contact Center Agents

In this episode of "What the Fintech?!" podcast, Zenarate’s VP of Sales, Casey Denby, discusses the future of AI and how it is transforming financial industry contact center agents.

They highlight the significant potential of AI simulation training to transform the way employees are trained in the financial sector. They share insights to how AI-powered simulations can provide a realistic, immersive, and safe environment for employees to gain practical experience and enhance their skills.

Here are some key topics his podcast delves into:

  • Various applications of AI simulation training in financial services.
  • The use of AI simulations for customer service training, where employees can learn to provide better support and engage with clients effectively.
  • The need for ethical considerations and a fine balance between automation and human interactions.

Listen to the full podcast to gain valuable insights into the role of AI simulations in revolutionizing training in the financial services industry.



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