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Zenarate AI Coach Simulation Training Helps Startek Develop Confident Top-performing Agents and Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences for its Global Roster of Clients

Startek integrated Zenarate into its Startek Agent AI to enhance employee experience and deliver a superior customer experience

Startek LogoPALO ALTO, Calif. and DENVER, April 20 -- Zenarate, the leading Simulation Training solution, today announced that Startek® (NYSE: SRT), a global customer experience (CX) solutions provider, is using its AI Coach to provide immersive training to its contact center teams. Startek has integrated Zenarate as part of Startek AI Coach into its Startek Agent AI platform to help develop confident top-performing new hires and tenured agents. Zenarate AI Coach simulates real customer and prospect conversations and allows agents to practice and develop soft skills, adoption of best practices and ensures adherence to compliance practices.

“Zenarate supports the Startek Future of Work strategy by prioritizing the innovative use of technology to reduce agent effort and enable our teams to deliver world-class CX, whether in brick-and-mortar or remote roles,” said Abhinandan Jain, Chief Digital Officer of Startek. “Zenarate and Startek are committed to developing solutions that enable agents to deliver consistent, world-class CX, which makes our partnership a natural fit.”

With customer and prospect interactions mattering more than ever, organizations need more effective ways to develop confident top-performing agents delivering superior experiences and performance. Zenarate AI Coach is the “flight simulator” for customer and prospect engagement. In training, new hire agents and tenured agents are immersed in life-like voice, screen, and chat simulations to master any high-impact topics they will face with live customers.

Integrating Zenarate, Startek Agent AI is a modular platform combining three AI-powered solutions designed to enhance employee experience (EX) and deliver a superior customer experience (CX). The platform leverages AI to provide flexible training to contact center teams globally. It offers real-life scenario-based training that proves more impactful than traditional learning approaches, particularly for younger agents that comprise a high percentage of the agent population. Startek CX solutions apply empathy across data, technology and people to enable clients to build long-term, profitable customer relationships by closing the CX gap.

"Lasting partnerships are based on mutuality, and we appreciate the focus on delivering solutions that deliver shared benefits for our people, clients, and stakeholders.”

— Abhinandan Jain, Chief Digital Officer of Startek

“Lasting partnerships are based on mutuality, and we appreciate the focus on delivering solutions that deliver shared benefits for our people, clients, and stakeholders,” Jain says. “We especially appreciate the adaptability and responsiveness of the Zenarate team. It enables us to build strong and productive relationships, allowing for a personalized approach and the ability to adapt to changing needs.”
Today, over 2,500 Startek agents have access to simulation training through Startek Agent AI to deliver real-time insights to agents and their coaches, delivering training and development programs in a more engaging and impactful format.

“Agents remain at the core of the customer and prospect experience, often providing the only human connection with a brand,” said Brian Tuite, CEO and co-founder of Zenarate. “We’re honored to partner with Startek to create an unmatched experiential learning solution for agents through AI Coach. With AI-based simulation training at the core of agent training and development, Startek delivers proven results and helps agents approach the most complex interactions with confidence and mastery of best practices and soft skills.”

About Startek®

For more than 35 years, Startek has delivered customer experience (CX) excellence for the world’s leading brands. Spread across 13 countries, our 38,000 associates create memorable, personalized experiences in both voice and non-voice channels. Our clients span from fortune 500s to fast-growing startups in a diverse range of industries including cable, media and telecom; travel and hospitality; retail and e-commerce and banking and financial services. By creating closer connections, Startek delivers value for our clients, opportunity for our people and sustainable growth for our shareholders.

To learn more visit and follow us on LinkedIn @Startek.

About Zenarate

Zenarate AI Coach helps leading brands develop confident top-performing agents through Simulation Training. Zenarate’s AI Coach is used worldwide every day in over a dozen countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Philippines, India, and Europe, in 15 languages. Zenarate customers include leading companies in financial services, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, technology, retail and travel industries. For more information, visit

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