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Zenarate Launches New Call Analyzer Capabilities to its AI Coach Platform

With integrated simulation training and call analysis, customer care leaders can connect immersive learning and agent assessment to foster continuous skills improvement

PALO ALTO, Calif. and DENVER, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Zenarate, the leader in AI Simulation Training for customer-facing agents, today announced the expansion of its AI Coach platform with the launch of Call Analyzer. For the first time, contact center leaders can seamlessly connect new agent training with live agent assessment and ongoing coaching on one comprehensive platform.

Zenarate AI Coach is trusted by hundreds of global enterprises for developing top performing customer service agents. The AI Simulation Training solution develops agents on brand-specific call skills and best practices through roleplay in life-like conversation, screen, and chat simulations before they engage with live customers. With the addition of Call Analyzer, contact center leaders can quickly analyze all live agent calls against those same call skills, identify skill gaps and recommend development plans for continuous agent development.

"Zenarate's mission is to develop confident top-performing agents delivering superior customer experiences at scale," said Brian Tuite, CEO of Zenarate.

"Adding Call Analyzer to our AI Coach Platform is a major step toward offering the industry's only single platform for developing new hire agent call skills through simulation training, scoring agents against the same call skills they were trained on, and closing tenured agent call skill gaps through targeted simulation coaching – driving significant KPI lift while unifying the agent learning and development journey."

For customer care leaders, Call Analyzer utilizes a client's existing call model within AI Coach to evaluate real-time agent calls. It identifies each agent's call skill strengths and opportunities and provides an automated Agent Development Plan with targeted call simulations to resolve performance gaps and improve agent retention.

Now, the automated nightly analysis of all live calls dramatically reduces time in review, improves agent performance and compliance, and drives KPI metrics and customer satisfaction (CSAT). Its AI engine transcribes, redacts and scores each customer engagement based on call skill expectations and any additional call analysis requirements. Processing is done nightly, making teams ready and informed the next day.

Zenarate's continuous innovation has made it the contact center learning and performance industry leader. With Call Analyzer, Zenarate continues its mission to transform how agents learn and perform.

About Zenarate

Zenarate is a leader in AI Simulation Training and Agent Development focused on creating and supporting top-performing contact center agents to deliver superior customer experiences. Its AI Coach platform is purpose-built to develop outstanding customer service agents with perfect call outcomes. It trains, certifies, assesses and continuously coaches millions of agents in 79 languages worldwide, ensuring they're prepared before going live with customers and constantly developing them once they do. Zenarate has improved agent Speed to Proficiency, First Call Resolution, and Agent Retention for leading enterprises worldwide in financial services, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications, technology, retail, and travel industries. For more information, visit

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