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Webinar: Arm Your Front-Line Managers with Actionable Insights – part I


Vinay Gupta - Vinay Gupta is a senior expert based in Boston with 12 years of experience in contact center transformation using AI. He leads AI in customer care at McKinsey. He has conducted 100+ call center transformation programs across the globe and helped organizations with topics such as call volume reduction, conversational AI implementation, Workforce management, and AI-driven performance management. He is very passionate about frontline transformation and how AI can enable the frontline to achieve operational and customer excellence.

Paul Kline - Paul is Senior Expert based in Dallas with more than 30 years experience in the customer care industry. At McKinsey he is a leader in the Customer Care practice and has worked with hundreds of clients across all industries. Prior to joining McKinsey, Paul ran call center operations at a variety of locations including three Fortune 500 companies. Most recently, he ran customer care at General Motors that included insourcing operations from a vendor. Prior to General Motors, Paul ran much of global care operations at Starwood Hotels including IT and digital care. He started his career in the industry over 30 years ago at American Express.

Casey Denby - Currently VP of Sales for Zenarate, Casey is an experienced global leader of Operations & Training organizations with a rich background in contact center operational success. Casey has led multiple global Training organizations, including at Western Union and RE/MAX, overseeing training delivery, quality assurance, knowledge documentation, creative & interactive design and LMS.

About This Webinar:

Driving continuous improvement in today’s contact center can result in better agent retention, higher CSAT/NPS scores, and improved call resolutions among other impacts. But what does it take for a front-line manager to do this successfully? The majority are overwhelmed with the manual processes of listening to a small sample of live calls, analyzing them, and offering insights and coaching to their contact center agents. This time-consuming and flawed standard leaves managers frustrated and agents underdeveloped and underutilized. Maybe AI can help...

AI solutions from Zenarate are disrupting the space by not only automating the processes, but also running that agent analysis against the same brand specific call skills that the agents were trained on in the first place. This is a great example of how AI is used to assist humans within the contact center environment, making them better informed, more effective, and increasingly successful.

In the first of this 2-part series you’ll learn:

  • Key challenges facing front-line managers today
  • The cost of the status quo
  • How can AI help and how AI can’t help
  • Drive both operational and quality improvements
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