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Webinar: Mastering the Hybrid Contact Center Workforce

Unleashing Strategies for Speed to Proficiency and Employee Retention

Presenter: Casey Denby, VP of Sales
Date: September 6, 2023

As you build onboarding for new hires, you have many goals in mind, but two of your key metrics for success are Speed to Proficiency and Employee Retention. Improving these outcomes can often be a challenge, particularly in an expanding hybrid workforce environment.

In this webinar, Casey Denby, a former Contact Center Leader, and training thought leader, will share best practices and tools for accelerating the development of a proficient and confident team of agents with improved retention rates and better customer experiences.

You’ll learn:

  • Key challenges of developing a best-in-class contact center workforce.
  • The most effective methods to onboard new hires in a global hybrid workforce
  • How to build up agent confidence and sustained performance
  • Product Demo: How to best scale onboarding consistency and performance via AI technology

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