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🎙️ Key Insights from an AI Simulation Training Expert - Q&A Session

What Awaits You in this On-Demand Webinar?
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Explore the invaluable insights and best practices from the Zenarate Customer Success team, who have honed their expertise by crafting thousands of simulation trainings for over 100 esteemed enterprise customers.
  • Take Your Agents to the Next Level: Discover the main challenges faced by contact center leaders and learn how to balance the demands of quality assurance metrics while nurturing essential soft skills like empathy, active listening, and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction.

"Ultimately jobs aren’t going away at contact centers, they are just becoming more complex, and the way we need to think about automated customer care is really to deploy tools that support the agent in becoming better rather then focusing on replacing the human agent" - Holly Kerns Gagnard

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Press Releases
Foundever™, a global leader in the customer experience (CX) industry, has announced a new strategic partnership with Zenarate, the leading AI Simulation Training solution for customer-facing agents, in which the two organizations seek to leverage state-of-the-art technology to transform employee training within the customer experience industry.
Press Releases
Zenarate expands its AI Coach language capabilities to 79, the most in the industry, and adds new agent feedback reporting for AI simulation training.
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