Don't Just Spot Top Performers, Develop Them

Develop top performing agents in any use case

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Delight and retain your customers and improve your company's bottom line with Zenarate AI Coach. Your valuable customers are seeking superior phone, chat, and in person experiences to solve their toughest problems. Which means training customer service agents to deliver the best customer experiences is more important than ever.

The Zenarate Difference

“Customer satisfaction improved 32% after our agents mastered our best practices through our Zenarate AI Coach”

– Head of Customer Service

“Our collectors accomplish proficiency much faster, with no embarrassment or reason to worry in their safe practice setting. They can move at their own pace to master any call flow.”

Scott O'Donnell Chief Business Development Officer, ARS

Support Your Collectors

Improve collector performance. Collections jobs are more challenging than ever with automation leaving collectors with the toughest problems to solve. Train your collectors the way humans learn best: by practicing, solving problems, making mistakes, and building confidence.

The Zenarate Difference

Join Holly Kerns Gagnard, VP of Customer Success at Zenarate as she discusses how you can use Zenarate AI Coach to solve common training challenges for collectors. Learn how AI Coach helps your collectors master best and required practices and deliver measurable outcomes. 

Enhance Your Fraud Protection

Spot and resolve fraud with Zenarate AI Coach. Digital transformation has brought an increase in data breaches for customers and companies alike. Zenarate AI Coach gives fraud agents the ability to reduce risk while increasing customer loyalty.

The Zenarate Difference

“Zenarate guided us to build the stories in as effective a manner as possible. And then the speed of turn around when we would deliver content or submit ideas or materials was very impressive.”

James Unger, Sr. Manager of Global Training, Western Union

“Zenarate is an integral piece of our training program, allowing our team members to hone their skills through AI.”

Shantel McQuaid, VP of Talent Development, ERC

Provide Engaging Face-to-Face Interactions at Banking Centers

Deliver better customer experiences in your banking centers, customer service & sales sites, and in virtual meetings with customers appreciating your warm inviting face-to-face interactions and loving your brand.

The Zenarate Difference

Develop a Winning Sales Teams

Meet rising customer demands while delivering exceptional customer experiences during sales engagements. Zenarate AI Coach gives sales teams a better way to develop top performing agents.

The Zenarate Difference

“Sales improved 32% after our agents mastered service to sales best practices”

– Head of Sales
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